House Intelligence Committee's Mike Rogers: "Snowden's Actions Defy Logic"

Just to confirm that in a world in which China and Russia (and Caracas... and Cuba) are increasingly seen as the paragons of liberty, virtue, and civil rights and the US is slowly but surely sinking into the role of the turnkey totalitarian tyranny antagonist, we just go this from House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers: "Edward Snowden's reported choice to fly to Cuba and Venezuela undermines his whistleblower claims... Everyone of those nations is hostile to the United States, the Michigan Republican said on NBC's "Meet the Press" news talk show. "When you think about what he says he wants and what his actions are, it defies logic," said Rogers.

Actually, Mike, when "you think about what he says", his actions make all the sense in the world, and certainly validate his "whistleblower claims."

Rogers added that the U.S. government must exhaust all legal options to get Snowden back to the United States, Rogers said. Of course it must: like any totalitarian emperor state exposed before the entire world with no clothes on, it only makes sense to focus on the messenger, and not on the underlying message.

And now back to a panicking administration which is forced to come up with escalating PR responses to a global scandal that is changing by the minute, on a completely ad hoc basis.

Next up: how to punish Hong Kong for not only flagrantly ignoring US orders, but humiliating the US before the entire world with its insubordination.