The Mainstream Media "Explains" Stuff Again, Hilarity Ensues

Yesterday, the mainstream "media" was very useful in explaining why both bad economic news and good economic news lead to stock market rallies. Today, the same mainstream media is even more useful in explaining why stocks are up as the Taper seems less likely, while gold is down because the Taper is... more likely. And #Ref!

Reuters "explains" that because "concerns receded that the Federal Reserve would begin to unwind its stimulus earlier than expected", stocks rose.

At the same time, Bloomberg "explains" that because data improved, "the case" for the Fed to reduce "stimulus" strengthened leading to a gold plunge.

* * *

So, stocks up on no Taper, while gold down on... Taper. With "reporters" like these, who cares what the NSA is listening to?


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