Meet Willem Buiter's Sexy, Demented Stalker

And now for something completely different.

Citi's Willem Buiter is best known for his exhaustive, often times fatalistic outlook on Europe (he will ultimately be right about the Grexit, and Spexit, and ultimately Dexit, the only problem is so will Meredith Whitney about the state of the US municipals - eventually). It appears there may have been a reason for his dour outlook on life: a sexy stalker as it turns out. A sexy, but very demented stalker.

Meet Heleen Mees. Helen, 44, a one-time NYU professor from the Netherlands, had once been in a relationship with the fellow Dutchman and current Citi economist (unclear how long said relationship with the married with children Buiter took place).

The relationship turned sour, however, and the couple split, at which point Mees proceeded to bombard Buiter with over 1,000 emails, between July 1, 2011 and Monday, which contained everything from photos of herself masturbating and images of other naked women, to threats, while at least one was a hyper-sexual come-on. “What can I do to make it right? Shall I lick your balls?”

Mees allegedly wrote in one email. “Shall we adopt a child?” she wrote in another.

In a third she said: “Hope your plane falls out of the sky.” Well, if Buiter was harboring Snowden in his carry on, this just may have happened.

NY Daily News has more:

 The pair were once lovers — but at some point, the romance apparently soured and Mees unleashed her wrath on her fellow Dutchman. A noted researcher and columnist who speaks five languages, Mees barraged Buiter with an avalanche of emails between July 1, 2011, and Monday.


In addition to sending him X-rated images of herself, she sent him a photo of dead birds on May 3.


Mees also targeted Buiter’s economist wife, Anne, and children, sending them unwanted messages as well, court papers say. Buiter demanded she stop, and still the loony stalker kept harassing him.


Even after Buiter sent Mees a cease-and-desist letter Feb. 27, she allegedly wouldn’t stop, sending the object of her twisted desire several hundred more emails. “Defendant’s actions have caused him severe annoyance and alarm, and fear for his physical safety of his wife and children,” the criminal complaint says.


Mees — who once founded a female-empowerment organization called Women on Top — was arrested at 11:45 p.m. Monday.


She was arraigned Tuesday on stalking, harassment and aggravated harassment charges. She was ordered held on $5,000 bail.


Mees’ Legal Aid lawyer, Vaneshka Hyacinthe, said her client “had a longstanding relationship” with Buiter and “the emails go in both directions.”


Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Robert Mandelbaum issued Mees an order of protection and demanded she stay away from Buiter and his family.


“Do not call them, do not go to their home, school, businesses, place of employment . . . no email, no text messages, instant messages, no phone calls, letters, fax or voice messages,” the judge said.


A doorman at her building in DUMBO, Brooklyn, described her as a generous tipper and frequent traveler who is always seen with her bike and laptop.

So now we know about Buiter's secret life. Now: our kingdom for a few hints from the NSA about the "racy" contents the daily email back and forth between Jan Hatzius and Bill Dudley...