Stocks Turn Red - Catch Down To Cratering Credit

We noted earlier in the week how day after day we have seen equity markets rally exuberantly early on, only to fade ingloriously back to credit's less sanguine perspective by the close. It appears, just as we mockingly pointed out on Wednesday's half-day close ramp, that the market seemed to have forgotten that there is a second half to the day and sure enough, as reality sinks in that Taper is nearer than equity asset-gatherers hoped (just as every other market already noted), equity markets are dropping rapidly back to Treasuries, credit, and precious metals' view of the world today... Equity markets have given up all of yesterday's Draghi/Carney jawboning gains...


Credit now at 10-day wides (lows), equity catching down...


The S&P once again failed to hold the 50DMA... and has dropped rapidly back to bonds/gold


Charts: Bloomberg


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