Post-FOMC Minutes Update: Market As Confused As Fed (But Fades Rally)

UPDATE: All Change; now the knee-jerk rally in bonds and stocks is fading rapidly (and the USD is bid)


It seems the markets are as confused as the Fed members. The initial knee-jerk bid for bonds, stocks, and gold was retraced soon after; only to be ignored for another push higher as we post. Interestingly FX markets are 'less' undecided - it is taper-off as the USD is being offered everywhere with little retrace. As the Russell 2000 hits an all-time intrday high, equities still feel unstable (and VIX dropped to 14.06%).


Taper Off...14:18ET



To Taper On...14:30ET - Scratch all that - market re-retracing gains now... lol


It seems the "if confused buy" meme may just hit a wall today?


Charts: Bloomberg


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