Goodbye Larry Kudlow Report

In a surreal and deja vu-ish turn of events, three days ago we reported that in parallel with the ongoing collapse in CNBC viewership, the ratings of some of its shows namely Jim Cramer's Mad Money and Larry Kudlow's Report had just hit all time lows.

This was met with an immediate response by Larry Kudlow himself who, alongside Groundhog Phil-fodder Joe LaVorgna, decided to take Zero Hedge to task for reporting that part-time jobs are not really full-time jobs and invited us over to their show to explain how dare we point out the weakness in the manipulated BLS datadump. We were kind enough to remind Mr. Kudlow that the last time someone from CNBC "invited" us over, i.e., Dennis "Digital Dickweed" Kneale, their show was promptly cancelled. To wit: "While we appreciate the offer, the last thing we intend to do is suffer Mr. Kudlow the same fate as that experienced by his predecessor Dennis Kneale who also invited Zero Hedge on his laughable excuse for a show in 2009, only to be sacked a few months later." Make it two for two as irony strikes again.

The NY Post reports that Kudlow's show is over.

CNBC is close to bagging former CBS News anchor Harry Smith for a new talk show, which is almost certain to replace “The Kudlow Report” at 7 p.m., The Post has learned.


Smith is already signed to NBCUniversal.


“If we could figure out a way to utilize his skills to serve our very affluent and highly educated audience I’m sure we’d be interested,” said a CNBC spokesman.


“The Kudlow Report” is off roughly 60 percent in its key 25- to 54-year-old target audience.

Next up: we expect an "invite" from Jim Cramer.