European Peripheral Bonds Plunge Most In A Year As Portugal Risk Flares

Following a handsome bounce driven by Draghi, Carney, and various Fed officials promising moar, peripheral European bonds and stocks are having a bad day (and week). Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Italy are all ending the week lower (after solid performance mid-week) with Germany's DAX seeing the benefits of a rotation from high-beta momo with a 5.1% rise on the week (the best week in 20 months!). Safe-haven flows dominated in bonds; Bunds rallied slightly more than Treasuries on the week but once again Peripheral nations collapsed. Spanish bond spreads jumped the most in a year. Italy was notably weak, but Portugal has seen spreads jump 28% in the last 2 weeks (the worst in over 3 years!). EURUSD had its best week in 5 weeks - and despite the peripheral collapse, Europe's VIX had its best (drop) week in 4 months ending at 19%.

A huge divergence in Europe this week... (seems evident that Spain, Portugal, and Italy are being traded as one entity...)


but bonds were the big news... (in percentage terms, Portugal's move was the owrst in 37 months)


Meanwhile, in Greece, the stock-market has dropped 7 of the 8 weeks and is dramatically underperforming the supposed reality that the bond market represents...


Charts: Bloomberg


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