Obama Delays Sale Of F-16 Fighter Jets To Egypt, Lockheed Martin Unhappy

Several days after Schrodinger's Egyptian coup, which is both a particle and a wave, but certainly not a coup in the eyes of the Muslim Brotherhood-backing Obama administration, the Pentagon decided that it would go ahead and proceed with a previously planned sale of several F-16 fighter jets to the country, even though it was unclear just who the recipient would be: the revolutionary forces or the previous administration. Moments ago AP reported that this sale has now been "delayed" for reasons unknown.

The Obama administration says it is delaying a planned sale of four F-16 fighter jets to Egypt in light of the military overthrow that ousted Mohammed Morsi as president.


Pentagon press secretary George Little says President Barack Obama made the decision to hold up the sale.


Little said the administration has decided to proceed with an annual U.S.-Egyptian military exercise, called Bright Star.

Those seeking Obama's reason for halting this transaction, however, will have to wait some more: Little was not specific about the reason for delaying the F-16 sale, beyond saying that it was deemed "prudent" in light of "the current situation."

Another thing is quite clear though: the party paying for the purchase of the Lockheed Martin-made fighter jets, would be none other than the US of course. "Little said the delay applies only to the F-16 sale; the broader question of whether to suspend $1.3 billion in annual military assistance in response to the Egyptian military's removal of the country's Islamist president three weeks ago has not been settled."

But with this issue unresolved, how will US private military contractors get paid by the US government for promote war in Egypt and other US "allies" abroad?