The Full Layout Of Modern Shadow Banking

Following up on yesterday's essay comparing Walter Bagehot to a modern-day shadow banker, we have received numerous requests for more information on this fundamentally critical  financial topic. So without further ado, we present a full and unabridged map of the modern shadow banking system.

And perhaps just as importantly, this is what the post-crisis government response to backstopping the shadow banking system looks like, or in other words, just how Ben Bernanke has guaranteed all collateral, both real and "shadow", or in other words the ultimate "all in" mutual assured destruction gambit - if the Fed goes, everything goes.

Of course without context, the above maps is useless, so those eager to learn more and invited to read our thousands of articles covering just this topic since 2009, while beginners can find a revised edition of Zoltan Pozsar's seminal "Shadow Banking" at the following link .