Obama Among The Middle Class: The Photo Album So Far

First, the middle class organizer-in-chief was channeling the TOTUS from Knox College in Illinois. He sounded very persuasive and his speech had all the right accents and dramatic pauses. 


Then, the TOTUS used its now traditional presidential vessel to deliver even more remarks in Jacksonville, Florida.  The speech was full of climaxes and denouements, protagonists and antagonists, and applause and laughter breaks interspersed with virtuoso precision.


Today, the wealth redistributor par excellence came to us live from an Amazon warehouse in Chattanooga, TN where with dramatically rolled-up sleeves, Obama praised a vision of a full-time middle class to a fulfillment center gathering of racially diverse, part-time workers, thereby concluding "America's Transformation To A Part-Time Worker Society" first observed here in 2010.


Tomorrow, the president's crusade to crush, pardon, discover the US middle class continues...