Long Dated Bonds Surge To 3.77% - 2 Year Highs

Equities appear to be celebrating the bond market's rapid collapse today but there are already unintended consequences. With the entire complex seeing yields spike the most in a month (cracking back above yesterday's post-FOMC spike highs), 30Y yields have broken to new two-year high levels at 3.77%. As rates rise, issuers are struggling. Whether it is because of Detroit concerns or the sell-off in bonds, Michigan's Genesee County just pulled its $53mm muni offering  as "investors wanted a much higher interest rate than the county wanted to pay." The offering didn't attract buyers for a 29-year bond, the longest maturity in the deal, at an interest rate or 5.34%. Perhaps they should have issued stock?



On a side-note, as AAPL enjoys one of its best runs since it equity price collapse, AAPL's bonds have lost almost 12% of their value since issuance...


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