Record Jobs For Old Workers; For Others - Not So Much

While we have banged the table on the full vs part-time disconnect for so long even the mainstream media has finally caught up, another issue that few outlets mention let alone discuss is that all the job growth in the US has, so far, only benefited old workers: those 55 and older. July was no difference. As the chart below shows, of the 160k jobs broken down by age group, 60% went to workers aged 55-69. No jobs were added by those 16-19, 49K jobs went to recent college grads, or those otherwise aged 20-24, and a measly 15K jobs were gained by Americans in the prime working age between the years of 25-54.

Bottom line: the number of jobs held by Americans aged 55 and older continues to hit record highs with every month.

Everyone else: not so much.

And with this, our breakdown of the July jobs data is complete.