Ten Times More Waiter And Bartender Than Manufacturing Jobs Added In 2013

This data really doesn't need much explanation. Here are the facts: so far in 2013:

The ratio of waiters and bartenders to manufacturing jobs: 10 to 1.

Sadly, most of those now record waiters and bartenders are just sitting there, twiddling their thumbs. Recall: "According to this week's very weak retail sales report, Food-service sales fell 1.2% in June, the largest decline since February 2008 and the year over year change in "eating out" rose by just 3.1% - the lowest annual increase since June 2010. But at least all those empty restaurant seats have a record number of waiters catering to the non-existent clients which on the surface should mean the speediest service in history."

And as an added bonus, here is the number of Waiter and Bartender vs Manufacturing jobs added since Obama took office (January 2009) through July. This chart also needs no comment.