Larry Summers' Chairman Odds Soar To 66.6%, Double Yellen's

Do you see what happens Larry when you float a strategic trial balloon or two? Your odds literally surge, at least according to Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, which in the absence of InTrade has become the only market polling venue where pundits put money where their mouth is (as opposed to countless clueless Op-Eds written by every self-proclaimed Fed expert in existence). Where two weeks ago, on July 24, Larry "the hawk" Summers was a long 20% odds challenger to Janet Yellen, who was a solid 75% favorite to become the next Fed chair, since then Yellen's odds have crumbled to just 33% currently, while Summers has exploded higher and after peaking at 60% two days ago has climbed even higher, and is a 66.6% (appropriately enough) favorite currently.

Time for the perma-Doves to panic yet?