First Fiat, Now Printing Comes To Rewards Programs As Hertz Dilutes Rewards Points By "A Modest" 15%

Because diluting the paper currency through endless global central-bank printing is obviously not enough to boost corporate top and bottom lines, next up on the dilution wagon are the corporate "rewards programs" which have decided to join the fray and are kind enough to advise honored clients their point purchasing power is about to be diluted by "a modest" 10%-15%. First on deck: Hertz.

From the company:

To continue providing exceptional service to our members, we occasionally make changes to the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points program. We are pleased to announce that based on member feedback, coming soon we will be enhancing reward redemption options with new locations and expanded choices.


We also constantly strive to maintain industry-leading reward levels and availability. However, in light of rising costs, we find it necessary to implement our first reward redemption point increase since 2008. Beginning October 1, 2013, point redemption levels for Rewards will increase a modest 10-15% in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S.V.1. This will allow us to continue providing both the quality and quantity of reward options our members have come to value and appreciate.


We thank you for your participation in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and look forward to serving you at a Hertz location soon.




Elliot Friedman

Division Vice President CRM

The Hertz Corporation

Next on the "inflation" conveyer belt: a fullsize rental to be redefined as a Smartcar? Just to continue "providing both quality and quantity" clients have come to value and appreciate.


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