Hedge Fund Second Quarter 13F Summary

It's a Carl iCahn world, and 13-Fs are nothing more than 45 day old tweets. Also, with Ben Bernanke Chief Risk Manager of the developed world, there is absolutely no point to be invested in hedge funds (why - there is simply no risk, until Ben loses control, then no amount of hedging will help anyone), and as such what "hedge" funds are buying is irrelevant. But since the cottage industry of alphacloners still exists, here, via RanSquawk and Fly, is the full June 30 holding recap of the usual suspects.


  • Exited Stakes in SNI, WFC, COF, REP, PNK
  • Took Stakes in FDO, HES, IOC, MTG, VOD, TMO, CTB, SFD, KOG, RUE
  • Cut Stakes in DLPH, HIG, MYL, HCA, RHP
  • Boosted Stakes in PXD, AET, BPGP, RUN, CVC
  • Reduced Stake in SPDR Gold Trust

Soros Fund

  • Exited Stakes in LCC, GDX, MOS, GLD, HAL
  • Took Stakes in HLF, JCP, CA, OUTR, OXY
  • Cut Stakes in PXD, ACTG, DAL, RHT, CTXS
  • Boosted Stakes in GOCIG, UAL, DISH, NTAP, UAL
  • Sold Entire SPDR Gold Trust Stake (which was $80MM in an $8.6bn fund)


  • Exited Stakes in STX, MSFT, CBS, HES, ABX
  • Took Stakes in VOYA, LBTYA, RAID
  • Cut Stakes in CI, CSC, DLPH, DST, AHL
  • Boosted Stakes in AET, IACI, SPR, BIOF, GDX

Third Point:

  • Exited Stakes in MUR, DLPH, ABBV, LNG, AGU
  • Took Stakes in CF, ELN, DIS, MPC, WMB
  • Cut Stakes in IF, AIG, TIF, FOXA, APC
  • Boosted Stakes in TMO, TIBX, BID
  • Sold Its Entire Stake in SPDR Gold Trust

Berkshire Hathaway

  • Took stakes in DISH, SU
  • Boosted Stakes in NOV, BK, GM, CBI, USB, WFC

Pershing Square

  • Exited Stake in MDLZ in 2Q
  • Shows Reduced Stakes in PG, GGP, MATX


  • Exited MBI, CNQ, OSHWQ, AGO Stakes
  • Took Stakes in LNC, HIG
  • Cut CHK, BRK/B, LUK, JOE Stakes
  • Boosted Stakes in AIG, BAC, GNW

SAC Capital:

  • Exited Stakes in PNRA, CLF, DOW, SFD, MDVN
  • Took Stakes in SIG, CLVS, SLCA, PE, LII
  • Cut T, SIRI, CNX TXT
  • Boosted Stakes in CLR, SLB, GILD

Sources: RanSquawk, Fly


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