TICsaster: Foreigners Sell More US Securities Than After Lehman Bankruptcy

While Americans were blissfully BTFD in June, and enjoying the media propaganda that "all is well" and the beard has their back (he does, but not in the conventionally accepted way) foreigners were selling. Did we say selling? Pardon, we meant dumping with a vengeance, throwing out the boatload with the bathwater, with both hands and feet and getting to da choppa.

As the just released TIC data report indicates, in June foreigners, both private and official, were hitting every bid they could find. Literally. For the first month ever, every single security class was sold off: Corporate stocks: sold - $26.8 billion; Corporate Bonds - sold $5.0 billion; Agencies: - sold $5.2 billion, and, perhaps the culprit of it all, Treasuries, saw the biggest dump ever, as foreigners sold an epic $40.8 billion! Adding across the various asset classes, the consolidated foreign sale in June 2013 was worse than Lehman and the month after it.

Somehow to foreigners, Bernanke's Taper Tantrum was a more shocking event than the biggest bankrtupcy filing in history (one which launched the global central bank scramble to buy up everything that is not nailed down).

Still think it's priced in? If just the speculation that Bernanke he may taper launched the biggest US security dump by the rest of the world in history, what happens when speculation becomes fact?

Source: TIC