Saudi King Voices Supports For Egyptian Coup

Somehow it is not very surprising that the person who should be most concerned should the Egyptian (non) coup spread, namely the head of the House of Saud, is the one to condemn the previous US-supported regime, and to voice his praises for the current US-supported regime.

From Reuters:

Saudi King Abdullah called on Arabs to stand together against "attempts to destabilise" Egypt, in a strong message of support for the country's military leadership read out on Saudi television on Friday.


"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its people and government stood and stands by today with its brothers in Egypt against terrorism," he said.


"I call on the honest men of Egypt and the Arab and Muslim nations ... to stand as one man and with one heart in the face of attempts to destabilise a country that is at the forefront of Arab and Muslim history," he added.


Saudi Arabia was a close ally of former president Hosni Mubarak and has historically had a difficult relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood. It pledged $5 billion in aid to Egypt after Mohammed Mursi of the Brotherhood was ousted from the presidency last month.

Wait, did Abdullah call on the honest men of the Arab and Muslim nations to stand as one two years ago when Egypt was swept with a US-supported revolution in an idential attempt to "destabilize a country?"

Or perhaps if he didn't then, and he does not... maybe he has some ulterior motives even though, as Reuters, notes, he did pledge $5 billion in aid to the man whom the US forcibly removed.

Could it be that there is a natgas pipeline in it for the Saudis who were recently humiliated by Putin and are desperate to save some international face?


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