7Y Yield Jumps 30% In A Week To 25 Month Highs

For the 5th day in the last 6, US Treasuries are selling off notably. While equity volumes remain lack-luster and liquidity still thin in bonds, the weakness is most pronounced in the 7Y belly (even though selling is across the board). 10Y rates tagged 2.89% and 30Y 3.90% all pushing back to the pre-US-downgrade (debt-ceiling) levels of summer 2011. The 10Y yield has just joined the 30Y trading wider than they did when stocks hit their lows in March 2009.



and for some context... 10s and 30s are now higher in yield from the March 2009 lows while 5Y and 7Y remin 26bps lower (for now)...


Charts: Bloomberg