More DK'ed Goldman Losses? BATS Declares, Revokes And Re-Declares Self-Help Against NYSE Arca

UPDATE 2: BATS BZX Exchange has revoked self-help against NYSE Arca per Rule 611 of Regulation NMS. Routing to NYSE Arca has been resumed as of 11:13:44 ET. Maybe this will be the final one: it all depends on Goldman's options trading desk.

UPDATE: Looks like that Goldman loss may have been a bit bigger than expected. BATS just redeclared self-help against NYSE Arca. There was a time that a red DJIA was needed for the market to break. It has now become any downtick.

It's happened again... Judging by the speed with which the latest NYSE Arca market failure was resolved, we can only assume the amount of Goldman Sachs losses that are about to be DK'ed is 'only' in the 10 million range at most...