CNBC Core Viewership Drops To Fresh 20 Year Low, Worst Nearly Since Inception

If last night the year 1993 was notable for India, as the Rupee had its largest plunge since March of that year two decades ago, today 1993 is just as memorable for CNBC. The reason: according to the latest Nielsen data, in July the financial network's prime (25-54 demographic) viewership just tumbled to a fresh 20 year low of just 37,000, the lowest since, you guessed it, March of 1993. Why is this a problem? Considering CNBC came on air in its current post-FNN incarnation in 1991, the core viewership is now about as low as it has ever been for the struggling broadcaster which as recently as 2007 was ranked as the 19th most valuable cable channel in the US.  Now: not so much.

Total viewership fared a little bit better: it too plunged last month dropping to just 128,000, but that was the lowest in "only" just under a decade, or since September 2004. At the current pace of viewership declines, however, the 2004 low of 118,000 will also likely be taken out quite soon.

Finally, CNBC's Fast Money (-32% Y/Y), Mad Money (-42% Y/Y) and Kudlow (-52% Y/Y) all had all time low ratings in the "all viewers" category in August 2013.

Is the exodus from CNBC an issue of content credibility, or just retail revulsion to manipulated, centrally-planned markets, or even simpler, just not enough disposable income to daytrade, we will leave the $64,000 answer to CNBC's proud new owners.

Source: Nielsen Media Research