Syria News Recap: All The Latest Developments

Summarizing the latest updates in the rapidly changing Syria story.

From Bloomberg


  • Fifth destroyer heads to eastern Mediterranean
  • U.S. makes case at UN Security Council meeting held at Russia’s request; members decline to comment as they leave
  • President Obama speaks with Germany’s Merkel; leaders agree Syrian use of gas was “severe breach of international law,” Merkel spokesman says
  • State Dept spokeswoman Marie Harf tells reporters consultation “incredibly important,” yet “we make our own decisions in our own timeline”
  • Obama administration on track to release public intelligence report this week, White House spokesman Josh Earnest says
  • White House to hold unclassified briefing for lawmakers this evening as members of Congress insist they must approve action
  • Speaking on condition of anonymity, 3 U.S. officials say intercepted Syrian communications provide no ironclad evidence that Assad or members of his inner circle ordered the attack


  • Syrians Move Weapons Ahead of Possible Attack: Reuters Link
  • Assad tells Syrians he will defend them against “threats of direct aggression” in comments reported on state television


  • Putin, Merkel back efforts to find diplomatic solution
  • U.K. releases assessment showing it’s “highly likely” that Syrian govt was behind mass killing of civilians; govt says exceptional measures possible without UN backing
  • Fabius says France preparing Syria response with partners
  • UN inspectors to leave Syria by early Aug. 31, report to UN Secretary-General
  • Harper says Canada has no plans for military mission