NSA Mocks Apple's "Zombie" Customers; Asks "Your Target Is Using A BlackBerry? Now What?"

The following slide comes from a secret presentation called "Your target isusing a BlackBerry? Now what?" It shows an email from a Mexican government agency which was sent using BlackBerry encryption technology -- and intercepted by the NSA nonetheless.


But the kicker is when, in another secret presentation, the NSA itself mocks Orwell, using a reference from the iconic Apple "1984" advertisement...

... As it says the man who has become "Big Brother" is none other than AAPL's deceased visionary leader Steve Jobs...

... And is so very grateful for Apple's paying client "Zombies" who make its job so much easier


We can all imagine where it goes from here: "he fixes the cable." Read more at "NSA Has Full "Back Door" Access To iPhone, BlackBerry And Android Smartphones, Documents Reveal"

Source: Spiegel


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