Santelli Rants Against The Intellectual Arrogance Of The "Intellectuals"

The American public is "just too darn stupid to get it." That is the message that CNBC's Rick Santelli hears from the mainstream media when discussing polls that suggest US citizens are against a rise in the debt ceiling. Perhaps, as he exclaims, "we should only poll the Harvard and Princeton professors," since they have such a good grasp of reality. But, it is the "giant leap of faith" that the Fed can really move unemployment and keep the economy humming along to support the level of equities that has the Chicagoan irate. Congress - listen up - he explodes, "70% of Americans oppose raising the debt ceiling, and 55% oppose it even if it means default." With the mid-terms not so far away, Santelli warns, "Americans know exactly what they want and they are not getting it from the current Congress."