Fidelity Sells All Debt-Ceiling Maturing Treasuries Despite Blogosphere's "All Clear" Call

Many market-watching prognosticators have dismissed the spike in T-Bill rates on the basis of "well it's only a few pennies, why worry..." missing entirely the 50-100x leverage in TRS and the almost inifinite rehypothecation risk implicit in a missed payment (even if temporary). It seems, despite these views, Fidelity Investments  - the largest manager of money-market mutual funds - said, according to AP, that it no longer holds any US government debt maturing around the time of the nation could hit ist borrowing limit. Action - it would seem - speaks louder than words.


Via AP,

The nation's largest manager of money market mutual funds said Wednesday that it no longer holds any U.S. government debt that comes due around the time the nation could hit its borrowing limit.


Portfolio managers at Fidelity Investments have been selling off their government debt holdings over the last couple of weeks, said Nancy Prior, president of Fidelity's Money Market Group. While Fidelity expects the debt ceiling issue to be resolved, the Boston-based asset manager said it is taking steps to protect investors.


Prior said that Fidelity no longer holds any U.S. debt that comes due in late October or early November, the window considered by many investors to be the most exposed if the government runs out of money and defaults on its obligations.