Step Aside Obamacare Helpline, Here Is Fukushima's Latest Mascot: Fukuppy

When we first reported to the world the incredible SNAFU that was the Obamacare Helpline number, the reaction was one of disbelief by most until they checked the details and realized that indeed 1-800-F U-CKYO was real. The question was raised, did the US government do any due diligence on anything realted to Obamacare at all? Well, now the Japanese are at it. Meet the newest mascot for Fukushima Industries... as Japan Today reports, this cute winged egg whose name is FUKUPPY. In Japanese, pronounced "foo-koo-pii", unfortunately the english-speaking world may not see it that way... Does it not feel a little like the governments of the US and Japan are now openly mocking its people? Perhaps this should become the new mascot for Washington DC?



and for those wondering about the details of this new mascot...

Via Japan Today,

The company also provided a short profile for their new mascot, letting us know what its job is – besides making all the English speakers blush and giggle.

What are Fukuppy’s job and special skills?

According to Fukushima Industries, Fukuppy says: “I fly around on my awesome wings, patrolling supermarket showcases and kitchen refrigerators. I can talk to vegetables, fruit, meat, and fish and can check on their health!”

Where was Fukuppy born?

Fukuppy’s answer to this question is: “I was born in a Fukushima refrigerator!”

The egghead described himself thus: “I love eating and I’m full of curiosity. I think of myself as kind, with a strong sense of justice, but my friends say I’m a bit of a klutz. But I’m always working hard to make myself shine!”

Is Fukuppy a boy or a girl?

Providing the most diplomatic answer ever, Fukuppy replied: “I’m still an egg, so I don’t know which I am! But I refer to myself as ‘boku.’”

For those who aren’t familiar with the word, “boku” is the masculine, first person pronoun in Japanese, though in recent years some women have started using it as well.