GOP Statement On The "Deal": Boehner Admits Defeat

House Speaker Boehner explains in a statement how the GOP will keep fighting the good fight...


“The House has fought with everything it has to convince the president of the United States to engage in bipartisan negotiations aimed at addressing our country's debt and providing fairness for the American people under ObamaCare.  That fight will continue.


But blocking the bipartisan agreement reached today by the members of the Senate will not be a tactic for us


In addition to the risk of default, doing so would open the door for the Democratic majority in Washington to raise taxes again on the American people and undo the spending caps in the 2011 Budget Control Act without replacing them with better spending cuts.


With our nation's economy still struggling under years of the president's policies, raising taxes is not a viable option.


Our drive to stop the train wreck that is the president's health care law will continue.


We will rely on aggressive oversight that highlights the law's massive flaws and smart, targeted strikes that split the legislative coalition the president has relied upon to force his health care law on the American people.”


It seems like they are claiming victory since they saved us from a fate worse than death...