Stolper'd Out: Muppets Slain As Usual By Latest Goldman FX Reco

What is there to say here that hasn't been said at least 20 times before (beyond which we have lost count of how many times the trading "recommendations" by Goldman's FX guru Tom Stolper have generated guaranteed returns to everyone who did the opposite)? From October 3: "What would the world be without Tom Stolper FX recos? Very confusing, with no sure money to be made, and without anyone to fade, that's what. Which is why we are happy to bring the Goldman muppet slayer's latest FX "recommendation" In short: "We recommend going short $/JPY at current levels of about 97.30 for a tactical target of 94.00, with a stop on a close above 98.80." In even shorter: Goldman is now buying USDJPY from its clients." While the trade was clear - do the opposite of what was recommended - we had a question: "The only question we have: will the length of time before Stolper is once again Stolpered out be measured in days, or hours?" The answer: two weeks.

And like that, another 150 pips in the guaranteed bag as the latest "fade Stolper" trade closes out.