Armored Gunman Loose In New Jersey Mall; Shots Fired, Injuries Reported - Live Stream

Shots were fired Monday night at the 2.1 million square feet Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus, New Jersey, according to several reports. Local TV network PIX11 reports, "according to a police source:

  • the shooting began near the Nordstrom’s department store on the second level of the mall
  • At least eight shots have been fired;
  • The gunman is believed to be wearing body armor;
  • Stores are on lockdown;
  • Over 200 police units and SWAT team are on the scene;

Finally, several hours after it started, the situation ends with the suspected gunman allegedly shooting himself.



CNN Reports,

Eddie Kahmann, who works inside the mall, told CNN he heard 6-7 gunshots around 9:20 p.m. ET. "There was just people running like crazy so I quickly just closed my doors, ran to the back, turned off all the lights, music and everything, just to stay hidden," he said.


Kahmann spoke from inside the mall, one of the largest shopping centers in the New York City area.


Ally Kozic, another mall employee, said she saw "someone dressed in all black, carrying a large gun walk past our store."








NBC New York reports,

Witnesses told NBC 4 New York a man dressed in all black, including a black helmet, was carrying a rifle and started firing shots inside the mall.


It wasn't immediately clear if anyone was hit.


"He was fully armored head to toe, like he planned this. Like it's not like a random thing," said a male shopper who did not want to give his name.


Clarice Forbes, who works at the Talbots store, said the alleged gunman fired his rifle as he walked through the mall.


"When he walked past our store, he looked directly in the store and strolled past," she said. "It was very, very terrifying."


Forbes said the gunman continued to walk toward Nordstrom and "you could still hear the gunshots going off in the air."


"There were so many thought going through my head. I was so scared."





First images from inside (via @kathrynlopez)








Live Coverage via MyFoxNY (click the following image:


And a second live webcast via News 12 NJ:


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