If You Are A "Value Investor", Whitney Tilson Has A Deal For You

It's just not Whitney Tilson's year/decade... the "money-manager" and co-founder of the invaluable Value Investor Insight newsletter has decided, with the exit of yet another partner - John Heins - that it is time to sell. In an email from the ex-financial-media-darling, Tilson explains "the business is a beautiful, high-margin cash cow," is looking for a partner to buy the business.


From Whitney Tilson:

As Value Investor Insight enters its 10th year, my long-time partner and co-founder, John Heins, is contemplating a next stage of his career. This has prompted our contemplating a next stage in Value Investor Insight’s evolution as well. We’re exceedingly proud of VII and will ensure that it doesn’t miss a beat, but we’re starting to look for a partner or partners who might be interested in buying all or part of the business and taking over John’s full-time responsibility in running it.


(My involvement in the day-to-day operation is almost nil, both because John does an exceptional job interviewing investors and producing the newsletter and because my energies are focused on being a money manager, not interviewing other ones!)


The business is a beautiful, high-margin cash cow. If you or someone you know might have an interest in it, please let me know and I can give you further information.


Good luck with that... when all anyone needs to know is BTFATH, BTFD, and BTFMS ("most-shorted") and fundamental (value investing or otherwise) is entirely irrelevant (see AXP today).


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