Meanwhile, Peak Symbolism In Front Of GM's Detroit Headquarters

Let's see: do massive sinkholes next to the headquarters of other massive sinkholes, located in a bankrupt city that may soon become a massive sinkhole, qualify for Federal bailouts?

From Jalopnik:

Oh, what a great thing to happen during the auto show when thousands of people are in downtown Detroit! Crews are working to patch up this giant sinkhole outside the Renaissance Center, which is home to General Motors, among other things.


The sinkhole, 30 feet deep, is believed to have been caused by a water main break and was discovered Saturday night after a cab driver drove into it. The cab driver was rescued and there are no other injuries.


The Michigan Department of Transportation tells WXYZ that because of underground utilities and the sheer size of the hole, there's no telling how long it'll take to fix it up.

And here is how the sinkhole moves from the GM building, to the street adjacent.

h/t @noalpha_allbeta


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