Ukraine's President-In-Hiding Yanukovich Located In Russian Base In Sevastopol, Preparing To Depart For Russia

Ever since the weekend's coup d'etat (as he called it: remember, it isn't officially a coup until John Kerry deems it so - see Egypt), Ukraine's overthrown president Victor Yanukovych (despite signing an agreement with the opposition and blessed by Europe which foresaw new legitimate presidential elections sometime after September) has been in hiding, following an aborted attempt to depart the country by plane. This is understandable: after all a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Which perhaps explains why as, citing, reports his latest location is the Russian military base in Sevastopol, the one place where the Ukraine government, legitimate or not, will never dare to tread. UNIAN adds that Yanukovich will "board a landing ship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, which the deposed president will use to go to Russia, according to TV channel ATR."

What happens To Yanukovich once he arrives in Russia, and more importantly, how Russia will respond to Ukraine, and EU, and US, demands for his deportation, is unknown.

What is known is that as Interfax Ukraine reported, "At the entrance to Sevastopol near restaurant "Puck" at the Yalta highway appeared antitank hedgehogs - crew patrol says it measure against frequent carjackings in Sebastopol, said "Sevastopol newspaper."

For those confused, "antitank hedgehogs" are these things:

What is also concerning is the following unverified video released yesterday, which shows military vehicles on the road outside of Sevatsopol.

Legitimate military preparations or not, all eyes remain on Russia.