The New Name Of SAC Capital Has Been Revealed

... And it is Point72.

Of course, those who are aware of the physical address of the firm that single handedly made and destroyed "expert networks" (and assured a daily bug sweep at every hedge fund office in New York), or better yet, have visited the firm's sprawling trading floor located at 72 Cummings Point, will know that the name is merely a derivative of the actual address.

The NYT's Matthew Goldstein reports:

In settling upon Point72 Asset Management as the name for the firm’s flagship operation, Mr. Cohen appeared to find inspiration in the address for SAC’s roughly 98,900 square-foot office at 72 Cummings Point Road. The new name, which the firm announced on Tuesday in a letter to employees, should end speculation that Mr. Cohen might seek to relocate to a less spacious building, if his new firm got much smaller than its current 850 employee work force.


“It reminds us of a sense of continuity: our headquarters has been at 72 Cummings Point Road for more than a decade, and we anticipate it will be our home for many years to come,” Tom Conheeney, SAC’s president, said in the letter. “Perhaps more important, the name emphasizes we point to a successful future.”


The new name will become official on April 7, just three days before Judge Laura Taylor Swain of Federal District Court in Lower Manhattan is scheduled to either approve or reject SAC’s guilty plea. Mr. Cohen is hoping the selection of the new name and Judge Swain’s acceptance of the firm’s plea will bring to a close an investigation into allegations of insider trading that has dogged SAC for nearly 10 years.

There's more:


Maybe they consulted the ghost of Pablo Picasso for that one. Then again, perhaps when it comes to address-based appelations, Cohen picked the only feasible option: after all going with the zip code of his trading desk adress may have been a little too reminiscent of a convict's inmate number: 06902. And that would hardly inspire confidence in the New and Improved Stevie A. Cohen.


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