Just Another "Fat Finger" Sends The Entire UK Stock Market Up And Down 1.3% In 1 Second

"Fat Finger" or just more "High Freaks"? At 1110ET, the FTSE100 futures contract (representing the most liquid vehicle for trading the broadest UK stock market) suddenly rocketed up 1.3% on huge volume... and then, just as remarkably, Nanex shows, most of that price exuberance returned to normal within 10 seconds... Doesn't look like a fat finger order to us? with 5 waves of buying on the way up? Of course, one thing is sure, Virtu made money!

Via Nanex,

1. March 2014 FTSE (Z) Futures

2. March 2014 FTSE (Z) Futures - Zoom of 27 seconds of trading.

3. March 2014 FTSE (Z) Futures - Zoom showing 5 seconds of trading.
Note the 5 separate buying waves.

4. EWU - a related ETF traded in New York.

5. EWU Zoom


Perhaps AG Schneiderman's probe is well timed?