Rick Santelli Exposes The Real Enemy (And It's Not Deflation)

Since the crisis, and more likely decades before, we (the people) have been apparently 'happy' to have a small group of people in charge of picking winners and losers. "While free markets may have their hiccups," CNBC's Rick Santelli notes, when it comes to allocating resources, "the aggregate behavior of the marketplace is better than individuals." Crucially, Santelli blasts, if you're a saver, you understand now that you weren't picked as winner."

In fact, some might even say the 'saver' is the enemy of the recovery, but according to the Central Banks, as Rick rages, it is deflation that is the enemy. Bankers and governments love inflation because "if you owe a lot of people a lot of money, there's nothing better than to pay it back with cheaper money."

So, at the cost of living standards for the lower/middle class, the government inflates its debt away - so who is the real enemy.



Santelli concludes: "I don't think it's right and I think that we ought to rethink deflation because it's probably more of an extension of failed policy than what people really think it is - especially if you don't believe how they calculate the numbers to begin with."