This HFT Firm Is Hiring "Traders"

Quantlab Financial, a member of the proud Modern Markets Initiative comprising exclusively of HFT firms and which has bought up massive amounts of Google advertising so it appears above Michael Lewis' Flash Boys in direct google queries... 


... is hiring "traders."


Bonus #1: the "traders" of HFT firm Hudson River Trading, another member of the Modern Market Initiative, are enjoying lunch:


Bonus #2: Everyone knows that HFT firm Virtu, which was forced to delay its IPO over the backlash due to "Flash Boys", had 1237 profitable trading days out of 1238. But what about other HFT firms? Here is an interview with Mark Forton, head of another firm of the Modern Market Initative, Tower Research, in which he is asked:

Q. Has Tower ever had a down year?

A. No.

Yes indeed: HFT is truly the holy grail of "non-rigged" markets trading.