White House Petition Launched To Ban HFT Market Abuse

It appears five years of our constant denigration and a book by a world-famous and highly credible author has finally pushed "the people" to lobby for change on Wall Street...

Click image for link to petition

As The FT reports,

At some point in time the chickens are going to come home to roost on the HFT game,” said one Goldman insider. “It’s a smart move for anyone to become more diversified in their approach to the market.”

Of course, while in principle Zero Hedge supports the idea of crushing HFT - as we have been covering this market parasite for five years - at this point why bother?

It is not rocket surgery to realize that the only solution left to undo the broken, rigged, manipulated system western "capitalism" has become, is to let the HFTs cannibalize each other to death, and let the Fed send the Russell 2000 to 200,000 and then either let it all crash right back to zero or unleash hyperinflation.

There is no other solution.


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