Let QEdom Ring!... Or The One In Which Jamie Dimon Quotes Martin Luther King

When one thinks of the bailout-taking, London-Whale-suffering, regulatory-fine-paying, pay-rise-taking CEO of JPMorgan, the first analogy is not the philosophical similarities between Jamie Dimon and Martin Luther King. But, according to Dimon's letter to shareholders below, he feels injustice has been done and quotes MLK on the future ahead. "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice" Progress, sometimes painful and slow, has been happening all around us all the time, and the optimist in me believes that it will continue." What a year... he begins.

Dimon "has a dream" of a post-QE, Fed has the tools to exit, inflation not a problem, world is gonna be great future where little rich boys and little poor boys play together.

Let QEdom ring!