Best And Worst Performing Hedge Funds Of 2014: The Full List

We have already reported that when it comes to hedge fund performance, the last couple of weeks have been a slaughter, especially for the high-beta, biotech, social-networking, Russia and Japan focused hedge funds. For everyone curious what this translates into numerically, here is the latest HSBC hedge fund performance report, with select brand name hedge funds highlighted relative to the broader stock market. The good news: unlike in the past 5 years, the S&P500 is only outperformring about half the marquee names (as opposed to 90%+). The bad news: this is a delayed report and we can't wait to see what kind of carnage the week that is about to end has wrought in the space.

Two final questions: does the guy who named his fund "Keynes Leveraged Quantitative Strategies" realize that he has a stunning sense of humor, and ii) how long before Pershing Square's +11% YTD return sees the + sign replaced with a -.

Best and Worst performing hedge funds YTD:

Breaking down the key names.

Full HSBC report: