Blowback: Protesters In Kiev Demand Resignation Of Ukraine President

While the CIA-staged government coups in Libya and Egypt at least managed to last nearly a year before the inevitable "Thermidorian reaction" resulted in a blowback response that saw the overthrow of the interim US-handpicked rulers, Ukraine may not last nearly that long. According to reports by both Russian Interfax and Ukraine's Unian press services, for the first time since the coup that overthrew Ukraine's president Yanukovich in late February, hours ago a group of protesters assembled in front of the parliament building and on Independence Square in central Kiev, with demands for the resignation of both the interior minister Avakov as well as the acting president Turchinov.

Additionally, reports that the protesters have issued a 24 hour ultimatum to the government to suppress protests in the South East where, as is widely known, "pro-Russian separatists" have effectively taken over the bulk of the cities bordering with Russia.

Simply stated, the people are tired of a figurehead government that already folded when it handed over Crimea to Russia on a silver platter and are demanding at least a token resistance before the rest of the cities in the east flip over to Russia effectively splitting the country in two.

A clip of the protesters taken earlier this evening.

More from Unian:

The Interior Ministry of the capital noted that it is unknown to what protesters are demanding positions remove Turchinova.


According to law enforcement treated protesters politely, but for law enforcement in the event of a breach to the scene, police officers directed.


Also in the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Kiev urged protesters not to resort to radical actions and do not disturb the public order "as any problematic issues could be resolved through dialogue."

Ironically, the protesters may just get their wish. Russian RT reported that "Ukrainian tanks and heavy military equipment are moving towards the eastern town of Slavyansk, ITAR-TASS reported quoting acting mayor Vyacheslav Ponomarev as saying. On Monday, protesters ignored the ultimatum to leave by 9 am, and a Russian flag continued to fly over the besieged police HQs in Slavyansk. Ponomarev added that they are getting ready and are monitoring the situation. “We don’t want bloodshed, we are committed to negotiations,” he said."

Finally, and rather surprising, a clip was also released earlier today showing Ukraine troops and APC dispersing anti-tank "hedgehogs" along the Odessa coastline, as if in anticipation of a marine landing.

Finally, while all this is happening, Obama keeps on talking:


That... and this pearl: "White House warns Russia of more 'costs' over Ukraine."  Does the White House mean these "costs" we wonder?


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