Ukraine Military Plane Hit By Gunfire Over Pro-Russia Held Slavyansk

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Apr 22, 2014 - 11:51

It would seem a red-line or two have been crossed:


This comes on the heels of elevated tensions in the last few days since the "deal" and Biden's arrival in Kiev. Last week saw 'unidentified' fighter jets open fire on the Pro-Russian-held Kramatorsk airfield

And more...

Ukraine: Small Arms Fire Damages Ukrainian Military Plane Over Slovyansk


Small arms fire hit and damaged a Ukrainian military surveillance plane over Slovyansk, a town held by pro-Russian militants in eastern Ukraine's Donetsk region April 22, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said, according to a message BBC posted on Twitter.


As The Telegraph reports,

Ukrainian military aircraft hit by gunfire while on reconnaissance flight over Slavyansk, the defence ministry says


A Ukrainian military surveillance plane was hit and damaged by small arms fire as it was on a reconnaissance flight over the rebel-held eastern town of Slavyansk, the defence ministry said on Tuesday.


The plane, a propellor-driven Antonov An-30, safely made an emergency landing, a ministry spokesman told AFP. None of its crew members was hurt.


"Thanks to the professional actions, military pilots managed to land the plane at the airfield without consequences," the ministry said in a statement. "After a thorough examination and diagnosis, aircraft combat capability was fully restored."


The attack occurred just hours after US Vice President Joe Biden left Ukraine's capital at the end of a two-day visit pledging Washington's support to Kiev's fledgling leaders.