Ukraine Accuses Russia Of Wanting To Start World War III

Tired of being ignored by the west, which keeps promising financial and military aid, yet has done precisely nothing, Ukraine is stepping up the rhetoric to Hank Paulson levels. Moments ago, acting Ukraine PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk said at a cabinet meeting in Kiev that Russia wants to remove Ukraine’s pro-European government. Well of course - Russia has made it quiet clear, quite often how it feels about the illegitimate, "coup" government in Kiev which took power after Yanukovich signed a memorandum with the west that saw him remain in power until the next presidential election. But then Yatsenyuk also said:

  • Russia has done nothing to implement Geneva accord
  • Ukraine will continue to comply with Geneva accord
  • Ukraine urges Russia to keep promises, condemn extremists
  • Ukraine calls on international community to unite against Russia,
  • Russian invasion will turn into Europe-wide conflict, and the punchline:
  • Russia Wants to Start Third World War

So... in keeping with the Hank Paulson mold, could the west just signe the three page term sheet by the acting PM and deploy its armies to defend the country against the Russian bear. Yeah, crickets, much to the chagrin of HFT algos for which nothing is more bullish than flashing red headlines declaring the World War III buying momentum ignition now open.