30Y Yield Retraces 50% Of 2013 Taper Tantrum; JPY Surging, Stocks Tumbling

30Y yields have plunged back below 3.40% for the first time snce June 2013 and have retraced over 50% of the "Taper tantrum" sell-off. Yields have accelerated lower this morning after spiking on the jobs data, as a combination of blood on the streets of Ukraine and the reality of the jobs data send investrs to safe havens. JPY is aggressively bid (with AUDJPY ruling US equity weakness) and Gold and silver are in heavy demand.

30Y yields have collapsed...


as investors dive for safe havens - JPY is surging (and thus AUDJPY is dragging US equities lower)..


and gold is bid

Still plenty of catch down for stocks...


Remember, it's not Tuesday!