"Eastern European" Buyer Scoops Up World's First Quarter-Billion-Dollar Apartment

The world's most expensive apartment sale has been 'consumated'... in London (of course). As The Evening Standard reports, an Eastern European buyer (has anyone seen Yanukoych recently?) is believed to have paid £140 million (~$235 million) for the 16,000  square feet apartment — more than 10 times the size of a typical London three-bedroom home — at the One Hyde Park scheme near Harrods. This values the apartment at a 'mind-blowingly-desperate-to-launder-my-money-and-get-my-assets-away-from-potential-bank-freezes' $17,000 per square foot.


Ironically the price is a deal against the $295 million valuation that had been place on the apartment by appraisers.

Quiet City living...


Candelabra looks like Superman's home (hhmm, perhaps)


Kitchen looks a little narrow to us... (and no Sodastream)




No beanbags?


Well, yeah that's great but $200million?!


Well - we guess it's worth it if you like that kind of thing - at least it is a "hard asset."