Caught On Tape: Ukraine Helicopter Firing Rockets, Shot Down

Just 2 days after the first Ukrainian military helicopter was shot down, Ukraine's defense ministry confirms an Mi-24 chopper was shot down in the eastern region of Donetsk. As the following clip shows, it appears the helicopter came under large-caliber machine gun fire, a flash is seen, and then the chopper falls from view. The Defense Ministry confirms the pilots survived as the chopped crashed into a nearby river. One wonders how many more helicopters (that are in working condition and still have a full gas tank) Kiev, i) has; and ii) can afford to lose to eastern separatists as the Ukraine conflicts becomes an all out civil war?

The chopper hovers for a while then at 24 seconds a flash is seen and it disappears from view...


Here is what may be the same chopper shown earlier, firing rockets, while in the background someone else is also shooting, unclear if at the helicopter.

As Sky reports, a Ukrainian helicopter has been shot down over the pro-Russian stronghold of Slavyansk as fighting there continues to worsen.

Ukraine's defence ministry said the pilots had survived but elsewhere in the east of the country four paramilitary policemen were shot dead in fighting.


A number of other rebels and civilians are also thought to have been killed or injured, according to Sky's Stuart Ramsey, who is in eastern Ukraine.


The helicopter, an Mi-24, came under fire from a heavy machine gun and crashed into a river.


The ministry said in a statement the crew were evacuated to a nearby camp but did not give any detail of their condition.


At least three other helicopters have been shot down by pro-Russian rebels in the violence that is increasing in eastern parts of the country.


Pictures shot by news wires showed pro-Russia rebels carrying rocket launchers and rocket propelled grenades.

And finally, a firefight near Slovyansk resulted in the following gas-pipeline explosion...