Martin Armstrong Exposes The Saddest Side Of The Ukrainian Revolution

Ukrainian soldiers have nothing. People had been donating money to support them. While the West's injection of career politicians only replaced the head - Yanukovich - what is going on now is the corruption the people were revolting against is still in  the first place. Money donated to the soldiers has not been getting to them. Now the Ukrainian people are simply bringing food to their own troops because the corruption takes the money. Ukraine's soldiers have taken to Facebook to ask for help...

Via Martin Armstrong,

Ukrainians abroad do not want to transfer any money more to help UA army, because there is too much corruption. Now they try to create some organized system, which would allow to send concrete things to Ukraine, the soldiers need food, not money to some strange accounts.




Maximum repost!!

Friends! Many times across the posts to ask for help. We are not living in Ukraine, helping money. But that's me personally send money somehow not very interesting. Namahalova much everywhere and betrayal! I propose to consider the system as much as possible to help things, and not money. For example, such a hundred sleeping bags needed, intercoms, knee pads, etc. Laid entire list (wish list), and you need to make reference to Ukrainian online shops where everything is available at exactly the model of goods which particularly need . Shipping address must be the same in Ukraine.


That is to say, you chaps, decide what quality \ size \ color, etc you need, give specific references to the right things, and we'll book these things online! Thus it is possible to some extent ot protect yourself from fraud. Address of the recipient must also be specified. And upon receipt of goods, it is desirable to make hundreds of pictures. Perhaps with online shopping, you can arrange to open a savings account they are for the recipient, something like a wish list, and so that people can go to the site and buy from a list of what they currently afford. MUCH nicer people to help really something that you can touch and not corny send money.


If you have any ideas on this subject, write, together we are strong, together we can all think properly and really help our guys! Some people can afford to buy only a couple of packs of milk, and someone will azkazat much more. But the sea is composed of drops!

The IMF has done nothing but washes their hands in the blood of Ukrainian Patriots. These people are fighting against corruption... They have no one to turn to because of the usurpation of the government in the political chess game between the USA and Russia.