Tumbling Tuesday: Stocks Slide As "Fundamental" Pattern Buying Fails To Materialize

But "they" said it was all ok yesterday? That is was all "priced in"... and it's a Tuesday!!!! US equity markets - most notably the Russell 2000 and Nasdaq - are back at yesterday's lows. We did see the ubiquitous JPY ramp, stock pump around POMO but it would appear we have reached Peak Tuesday Effect as every self-fulfilling prophecy inevitably comes to an end (though there is will a couple of hours left to save "investors")... Treasury yields are notably lower (unch on the week) with gold and silver modestly higher (up small on the week). Credit markets warning signal from yesterday seems to have bee spot on ...oh and TWTR's lock-up was "NOT" priced in... 1114 is the most important number of the day (the 200DMA for the Russell 2000)


Well that is not what we should expect on a Tuesday...


With USDJPY tracking stocks (but this latest flush looks more stock-centric)


As stocks track yields lower


Wondering where stocks will end?



TWTR lock up not priced in... despite what all the experts said eh?!


An odd coincidence of collapse... with Pandora