Spanish Ruling Party Politician Assassinated In Broad Daylight

Until recently, it was mostly bankers that were the victims of a perplexing epidemic of untimely deaths, either at their own hand or the result of someone else's rage. Today that changed in Spain when hours ago a member of the ruling Partido Popular, and president of the council of Leon, Isabel Carraso, 59, was assassinated in broad daylight on a street in the center of the city of Leon. Her death was certified at 5:20 pm local time.

According to El Pais, eyewitnesses report that at about five in the afternoon, a woman shot Carrasco three times, on the Bernesga footbridge over the river at the health center of La Condesa. A man and a woman who were at that time walking along the river, heard five shots passed under the gateway. "We thought it was firecrackers," said the man to El Pais. The couple turned to the area of ??La Condesa nearest river and heard the sound of several ambulances and police cars. "We saw the body of a person lying face down with a woman standing next to her said."
El Pais adds that Police sources have indicated that they have arrested a woman for her alleged involvement in the murder of Isabel Carrasco. The Home Office points to the "personal vendetta" as the motive for the murder. As a result the PP party has suspended all campaign activities.

Judging by the market which is set to close at new all time highs, this latest assassination, be it for "vendetta" reasons or otherwise, is almost as bullish as the escalation of the second cold war over in Ukraine.