Another Day, Another GM Recall

Just after 7:30 am this morning, we reported on what we thought was one of the most important news of the day:

Sadly, 30 minutes later this tweet is no longer accurate when moments ago GM just announced its record, 30th, recall of the year.

General Motors is adding 218,000 subcompact cars to its growing list of recalled vehicles.


The new recall covers certain Chevrolet Aveo cars from the 2004 through 2008 model years. GM says the daytime running light module in the dashboard center stack can overheat, melt and cause fires.


The recall posted Wednesday on a U.S. government website is GM’s 30th this year. It brings the total number of vehicles recalled by the company since January to 13.8 million, breaking its own annual record.


Recall documents didn’t say if the problem has caused any fires or injuries. GM says it will provide a plan to fix the problem as soon as possible.


The high number of recalls is fallout from a deadly ignition switch problem that is responsible for at least 13 deaths.

This brings the total recalls for the year to 15.4 million vehicles or 72% more than GM sold in all of 2013.

At this point not even the jokes are funny so we will just leave it with the updated table of GM recalls YTD. At this rate, Microsoft will need to add more rows to its worksheet: the stock 1,048,576 won't be enough.

The good news, however, is that as GM prepares to recall double the cars it sold in 2013, all those dealer lots full of unsellable cars will promptly disappear deep in the bowels of GM factories, never to be seen again.