Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No It's A Russian ICBM.. Over Iran?

While we are no experts in either geography (did Iran and Kazakhstan just get a lot closer?) or inter-continental ballistic missile identification (was anyone else test-firing nuclear missiles last night), the skies over Iran were glowing last night with what the news agency astrological experts said was "according to previous experiences, guessed to be the final stages of a long-range ballistic missile launcher." This is good news, for Iran, but, according to the Russian Navy blog, they are preparing for another ICBM test-firing next week... so Norway might want to be on the look-out.


Strange light in the sky in NorthWest Iran was Russian ICBM, INSA Says

Initial reports Mnttshr late Tuesday night, showed the bright object in the sky at around 21:41 hours on the same period in Tabriz and Urmia Sky and other cities in East and West Azarbaijan, has been observed.


Zare true amateurs Urmia said the unidentified object in the vicinity of 30 degrees above the horizon 21 hours and 40 minutes West has seen around June. Witnesses reported that a luminous object shaped tapered tail cone of the cone to the north and the south were targeted.


With notice of the cone, and repeat it several times to collect pictures of this phenomenon in the Iranian sky, space science and editorial experts on the nature of space phenomena discovered astronomy.






Shahram Yazdanpanah, a space scientist said: "The time compared to the sunset viewing area, shape and appearance of the observed phenomena and observed a large area, leaving no doubt that we have an orbital phenomena, have been. According to previous experiences and observations of a phenomenon that is guessed to tank the final stages of a long-range ballistic missile launchers or space must belong. Place it most likely occurred at much height at which time the night is over, and so there is still sunlight reflected sunlight from the fuel tank gases abandoned, Tuesday evening in the West,'s probably scene daunting Iranian is created. "ballistic missiles, space rockets close to the very structure of the upper atmosphere layers are crossed.


Yazdanpanah was founded in response to the phenomenon of Astronomy magazine said: «? according to location, space launchers, the observed phenomenon seems to have been the result of a space-launched ballistic missiles most likely to be the test is related to the Russian

And so while Iran (and Kazakhstan) may now be clear... the Russian Navy has said another ICBM launch is coming...




So maybe looking North this time? Perhaps Norway should lock its doors?